Jul 29, 2013

Tombstone, A Ghost Town & The Junction Boys

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Day 23: Phoenix to Las Cruces. 423 Miles Left Phoenix under cloudy skies and a bit of rain, but since I was headed into the desert, the cooler temperatures were a welcome start to the day. Although I missed my friends with the AzMPI Chapter (they were just returning from MPI's WEC in Las Vegas), [...]

Jul 24, 2013

The FTLR turns for Home and starts Cooking!

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Day 22: San Diego to Phoenix. 382 Miles Today, the Full-Throttle Leadership Ride heads into its final week. To date, I've logged about 10,000 miles through 30 states - more than 3/4's of the Ride is done. WOW! I head east on I-8 leaving the West Coast, the twisties, mountains and ocean behind me. Time [...]

Jul 22, 2013

Gripes, Stripes and Crazy Cali Drivers on the FTLR!

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Day 21: Oakland to Morro Bay. 235 Miles Wasn't expecting much after the previous day's Ride. I already had seen images and experienced sights I will never forget. Lucky for me, there was so much more still to experience. But first, let me begin with a gripe. Apparently, in California, the center stripe is an [...]

Jul 18, 2013

Full-Throttle Leadership: Dedicated to all who have, are or will don the uniforms of the United States Military

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Day 19: Portland to Coos Bay. 258 Miles Got started late this morning. Just needed a little extra time to saddle-up. Three weeks in, 7,000 miles ridden and 25 states visited. Wendy taught me a "horse-saying" that's appropriate now - "rode hard and put up wet." Had some great expectations for today's ride. Left Portland [...]

Jul 12, 2013

Full-Throttle Leadership: Can YOU Go the Distance?

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So, I'm out here on the Road, just me and my Harley. According to the odometer, The Full-Throttle Leadership Ride has logged about 5,000 miles and I've visited 23 states. I've been pummeled by wicked rain in Florida; scorched by a Devil of a sun in New Jersey Devil and whipped by winds rolling across [...]

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