Yes, change is with us. It is life’s only constant, and it’s often challenging and mostly difficult to embrace.

But there’s another, more irritating and immovable obstacle standing in the way of successful organizational development; the Change Saboteur.

No alternative text description for this imageThis person often is a “senior” leader, who seems bent on doing whatever they can to negatively affect the efficiency of a team or organization they’ve spent years building simply because they can’t or won’t see that in the world we live and work in today, EVERYTHING has changed.

They push back against new initiatives, because “we tried that before,” or actively try to drain productive energy and cause disruption through posturing and pushback. Change Saboteurs don’t care about the negative effect on the efficiency of the team or the culture chaos they generate through drama, reaction-getting tactics, and disrespect.

They just want to “be right” and “be heard” above all others.

They also ALWAYS lose in the end because they are unable to control the environment and cope with being accountable for their own actions.

Organizations move forward and Change Saboteurs fade away. #meetingprofs #culture #development #change