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Steven G. Foster, CMP - Managing Partner, Foster+Fathom
Steven G. Foster, CMP - Managing Partner, Foster+Fathom
Aug3, 2020

Passion: Find Your Ride!

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Full-Throttle Leadership Road Rules:    Position doesn’t make you a leader. Action makes you a leader It’s been said there are “three ways to develop great leadership, but no one knows what they are.” WWII Veterans Bert Stolier and Tom Blakey were the exceptions to the [...]

Apr21, 2016

Fueling Your Ride with “Passion-Power & Purpose” to Give-Back and Change the World

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I have been riding motorcycles for about 45 years; it is what I do for pure enjoyment. There are few things better than getting out on the open road, seeing new places and meeting interesting people.  In 2013, I had the opportunity to check off [...]

Nov18, 2014

Leadership: Get REAL!

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Seems like I've been asked to discuss "TEAM" a lot this year; how to build a great team, determine why some teams fail so completely and provide some helpful insights into behaviors (good and bad) that are present in all teams. At a recent All-Team [...]

May28, 2014

Full-Throttle Leadership: Capability, Responsibility & Influence

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There is a popular saying in the Harley-Davidson motorcycle community; “If I have to explain it, you wouldn't understand." Bikers have a hard time explaining "IT” – our deep appreciation for the freedom we feel when riding – to those who don’t have the same [...]

Mar21, 2014

Team-building: Is the JUICE worth the SQUEEZE?

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Organizations do strange things in the name of "team building." Most of it fails spectacularly! For too long team building has been nothing more than simple games poorly executed and resulting in a false sense of team solidarity. Ineffective races, relays and networking events are the [...]

Jan3, 2014

Make an INFLUENCE Resolution this Year

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It's that time again. Promise to do this. Expect to accomplish that. We make all kinds of resolutions every New Year - 90% of them related to health and relationships - and most of us will, sadly, not achieve them. Maybe that's because most New [...]

Dec30, 2013

Lessons from The Leadership Compass

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It's been said there are three rules for developing good leaders, but unfortunately no one knows what they are! The misconceptions of what makes a great leader have caused many organizations to choose leaders based on stage performance, confidence, passion for personal achievement and other personality [...]

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