Aug 3, 2020

Passion: Find Your Ride!

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Full-Throttle Leadership Road Rules:    Position doesn’t make you a leader. Action makes you a leader It’s been said there are “three ways to develop great leadership, but no one knows what they are.” WWII Veterans Bert Stolier and Tom Blakey were the exceptions to the rule. On a bright Sunday morning in 2013 while on [...]

Feb 7, 2019


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WHEN YOU'RE RIDING LEAD, DON'T SPIT! One of the best things about riding motorcycles is the time you get "inside your head." I often use those moments reflecting on where I've been on my own "professional ride," and remember the leaders and mentors who thought me worthy of investing their time, talent and treasure [...]

Dec 18, 2017

2017 was a WONDERFUL YEAR of Full-Throttle Goodness!

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In the 1946 Christmas Classic, "It's a Wonderful Life," George Bailey is a man who has given up his dreams in order to help others. When an unexpected calamity occurs, a despondent and angry George decides everyone he knows would be better off without him. Help arrives in the form of Guardian Angel 2nd Class [...]

Jul 22, 2013

Gripes, Stripes and Crazy Cali Drivers on the FTLR!

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Day 21: Oakland to Morro Bay. 235 Miles Wasn't expecting much after the previous day's Ride. I already had seen images and experienced sights I will never forget. Lucky for me, there was so much more still to experience. But first, let me begin with a gripe. Apparently, in California, the center stripe is an [...]

Jul 18, 2013

Full-Throttle Leadership: Dedicated to all who have, are or will don the uniforms of the United States Military

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Day 19: Portland to Coos Bay. 258 Miles Got started late this morning. Just needed a little extra time to saddle-up. Three weeks in, 7,000 miles ridden and 25 states visited. Wendy taught me a "horse-saying" that's appropriate now - "rode hard and put up wet." Had some great expectations for today's ride. Left Portland [...]

Jul 12, 2013

Full-Throttle Leadership: Can YOU Go the Distance?

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So, I'm out here on the Road, just me and my Harley. According to the odometer, The Full-Throttle Leadership Ride has logged about 5,000 miles and I've visited 23 states. I've been pummeled by wicked rain in Florida; scorched by a Devil of a sun in New Jersey Devil and whipped by winds rolling across [...]

Jul 6, 2013

The FTLR Rolls through Week One!

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Day 6: Fort Myers to Key West. 282 Miles After a full day of rest and drying out from the thunderstorms, it was an early morning KSU to Key West. Rolled down the US 41, The Tamiami Trail, also known as Alligator Alley, through the Heart of the Florida Everglades. Amazing, scenic, somewhat scary ride [...]

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