Day 1: Dallas to Houston. 277.50 Miles.

Today was “technically” a staging day; headed south to Houston to begin the ride along the perimeter. Not much in the way of experience or expectation on Day 1, but then again, you never know what lessons await.

Mine came this morning, as I was preparing to leave. I was lacing up my Boot Campaign signature military combat boots, the ones I will wear each day and every mile of The Full-Throttle Leadership Ride. It an effortless physical task to lace up a pair of boots. Simple really.


I put my shoes on every day as I head out the door and never give it a second thought. This morning was different. It takes time to lace up a pair of military boots. There is some deliberate movement and manipulation involved. You don’t do this casually.

We are blessed in this country to have men and women willing to put their boots on the ground to keep us free, safe and strong. That’s leadership, the very best kind; selfless, focused and Ready to Roll! I hope each day of this amazing adventure I will be reminded of those serving and who have served to make it possible for me and YOU to enjoy the freedoms we have as Americans.

What are you willing to do to show appreciation for troops today?

Check out The Full-Throttle Leadership Ride. Follow me on the journey and get involved with The Boot Campaign to raise funds for its military support programs.

Today’s Ride is dedicated to the memory of Gary Truitt (08/07/1947- 04/31/2011), Special Services, former police officer, motorcyclist and Mason. Gary’s friend Michael Collins made a special donation to FTLR in honor of Gary, who was his best friend.