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Steven G. Foster, CMP - Managing Partner, Foster+Fathom
Steven G. Foster, CMP - Managing Partner, Foster+Fathom
Aug19, 2013

Going flat out doesn’t mean you’re on the right road!

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Back home from the "Full-Throttle Leadership Ride" and already had the opportunity to present a session on "Passion, Power & Purpose" based on my 13,000-mile solo motorcycle ride along the perimeter of the US to raise funds and awareness for America's military through a great [...]

Aug2, 2013

Full-Throttle Leadership Road Tunes: Brothers in Arms

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I just spent the last month riding the perimeter of the country on a motorcycle! My Boot Campaign Desert ALTAMA Army boots were on my feet for all 32 Days, 34 States, 13,000 Miles, and if that sounds like a lot of time with your [...]

Jul24, 2013

Two different leadership encounters on the FTLR

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I want to begin today's post with a story, an experience I had with two different people along the Full-Throttle Leadership Ride. The first was a man I met in NYC, interestingly enough, at the 9-11 Memorial. As I've said in previous posts, my Boot [...]

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